Q. What is Bookd?

A. Bookd is a sales, marketing, and media company designed to provide companies with hyper growth from a sales and revenue perspective

Q. What makes Bookd special?

A. We take 'the best of' from inside sales practices and combine them with best practices in marketing and branding. This helps companies achieve business success at a much faster rate

Q. Can you get me more followers on Instagram or Facebook?

A. We do not sell followers. Part of our process is bringing strategic followers to your website, facebook page, and instagram accounts that match your client's buyer persona or demographic. More followers is a byproduct of what we do.

Q. Can you get me qualified leads?

A. Yes. We can provide leads from either marketing content, or in the form of a sales cadence that yields real results, and fast.

Q. I don't think my website is yielding results. Can you help with that?

A. Yes we can. One of our services is providing website design SEO/SEM and content strategy. We help improve your overall online presence so you can attract more clients.

Q. Will SEO get me on the first page of google?

A. Not overnight. There are a lot of factors involved with Search Engine Optimization and good SEO takes time. But it DOES work.

Q. Do you provide a refund?

A. We provide a refund if agreed upon services rendered were not completed.